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Leon Flames

Stalin’s Lapel

London, United Kingdom

It brings me great pleasure in introducing you to London-based Hip-Hop/Rap Artist Leon Flames. When Leon Flames isn't creating music he is a Firefighter who works on the streets of London.

His latest release 'Stalin's Lapel' is a stylistic groovey old school hip-hop infused dream! The beat rides on a soulful bassline with subtle percussion, a sprinkle of bell synths to add to the dreamy nature of the piece and offers that added in depth hint of saxophone to finalise its backdrop. The rap vocals are slow and steady allowing for listeners to hear and feel every single word of the message that the track provides. This is an absolutely slick and steady song that will entice lovers of old school hip-hop and conscious rap to hit repeat again and again.

When discussing the inspiration behind the piece Leon Flames stated that he "named the single Stalin’s Lapel because Russians typically didn’t have lapel’s on their uniforms, thus making a lapel something something which is unseen. I liken that to my music and this song in particular. The type of rhymes, metaphors, subject matter and cadence which I use is almost unseen in today’s musical scope."

If, like myself you want to hear more from Leon Flames, then you are in luck as he is releasing a full-length double album in 2023 titled ‘Kings Never Give Up’.


Feel A Vibe

Reading, United Kingdom

Next up this week is another mega talent to come through the platform - Riser, 'Ray Wils'. This artist brings his fresh spin on hip-hop through his latest release 'Feel A Vibe' after a broad and passionate catalogue of releases across the last few years. This Reading-based singer, songwriter and producer brings a bold and atmospheric production to listeners in the form of fresh and intense textures.

Riding on scattered trap beats and heavy 808s, Ray Wils begins by implementing a mix of emo rap vocals along with carefully placed rap twists and turns. This is one seriously skilled artist! I for one am looking forward to keeping up with all of Ray Wils releases. If you want to do the same, then make sure that you click follow on the button below and get this track into your playlists!


'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix)

Reading, United Kingdom

Everybody, brace yourself for the return of OSP! After continuing to impress listeners across the UK and beyond, the group has released their latest remix single 'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix) following on from the success of their original version of ‘Call Me’ last month.

Now, where do I begin to start with this track? The song is an absolutely faultless entity! I was up out of my seat before the end of the first bar and hit repeat before the end of the first half.

This progressive garage remix has all the makings of a hit, from the bubbles of the bassline to the rap flows. Get this song playing out loud through your speakers and enjoy the ride - Kings, Queens and all in between!

I'm under no illusion that OSP is here to stay as they continue to slay with every single release! YES YES YES YES YES. Track of the day! - There's no denying it! OSP are the S***

Whilst the original release entails a sombre and lovelorn listen, the RISER 2-STEP Remix adds an extra spin to the whirlwind that is OSP. I think it's worth highlighting the work that RISER does with young artists, I've only ever heard absolute bangers come through from their artists so make sure that you check them out too!



Kansas City, United States

Credit - Uptown Productions

Eric Cohen recently impressed me with his release 'God Gave Me You' when he made it into our Who's Ya Favourite?! Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B Chart. It has been less than a month later and he is already back with his single 'A.M.E.N'.

This Kansas City rapper has carved his path in a way that is extremely powerful. His music is a dedication to God and a saviour in its own right as it holds one key objective, to make a positive impact and light for those who feel lost or need help to heal.

A.M.E.N begins with a classic hip-hop sprinkle of jazz-infused keys and an infectious boom bap which guides listeners through the rap flow of Cohen. One thing that always adds special character to classic Hip-Hop productions is the persistence of gospel vocal chop samples - something that Cohen has used to his advantage in between spitting bars and during the process.

The hook is one that you will find yourself chanting whether or not you like the piece (which I do). So, give A.M.E.N a spin and allow yourself to be carried away by the conscious lyrical flow of this upcoming artist. Another wicked release from Cohen!



Cuero, United States

'Ahead' begins with the sound of a female's heels as she walks on the concrete-layered ground. I immediately managed to grasp the nature of this track before a single work was made. It's funny how we can make the link between certain things without the need for words right? This song offers a new perspective from J-Luv Da Prince where listeners get to hear a more open and honest piece that transitions between emo rap in the hook and classic hip-hop in the vocals. The trap soul vocal samples hit the spot like the cherry on the top. This is a real conscious concept piece that allows you to get completely lost within the realm of the piece. An addition for thought is the final bars as they leave listeners overhearing an argument. Drama. Yep.



Toronto, Canada

Toronto-based, (via Kenya & Rwanda) singer, songwriter, producer and artist Jozem has returned to share the cinematic, aphotic and deeply self-reflective new visual for single ‘Foreign’. Soul-stirring, strange and uniquely exotic ‘Foreign’ is the lead single taken from his self-produced debut album it came to me in a dream released in May. Featuring endless, ambient angles encased in shadows, ‘Foreign’, is fluid, moving from scene to scene continuously, with viewers swept away, following its gentle, pressing energy as more of the theme transpires.

Commenting on the visual Jozem states,

“When we are young and impressionable, we learn to conform and mould ourselves into a form that is acceptable to others. When alone and often sleepless at night, we sometimes get to a crossroads where we are left unable to hide and are forced to face ourselves - our true selves - and face our demons, really confronting the elements of our being that we have been taught to hide but that are ultimately part of who we are. (Provided by the artist)


I Know

Munich, Germany

DJ & record producer MANUEL GARAY unveils his latest emotional, progressive song accompanied by new york based soul artist TWO32. Born and based in Munich, Manuel Garay is a progressive music producer who has had a steady presence, touring internationally with his previous act 'Cocolores'.

GARAY'S aim is to write and produce songs with singers that maintain a unique touch in their very own way. There are many exciting and inspirational projects in the pipeline for this upcoming producer/DJ.

His latest release entitled 'I Know' is a tasteful fusion of baile funk influences and neo-soul.

Metano Katayama

Fast Life

Okinawa, Japan

Metano, lives in Japan and has several professional production credits as a composer and producer. He has recently begun collaborating with a number of international rappers and singers. His first collaboration with American artist Nick Nery, "Fast Life," is a danceable rap song with a very unique concept.

Metano will continue to provide many more tracks as a one-of-a-kind beatmaker.

Metano has only just started collaborating with international musicians last year already securing interest from over 200 indie singers and rappers.

The latest release from Metano entitled "Fast Life" features memorable voice samples and a danceable reggaeton-style beat, along with sexy lyrics rap created by Nick Nery. (Source, Metano)


IDC About You

Staten Island, United States

Miltrick is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer from Staten Island, New

York. His single, 'IDC About You' is a pop song that blends elements of rock and hip-hop, inspired by 2000s and 2010s popular music.

Talking about his origin story, Miltrick stated the following - “I began playing guitar at the age of 7 and remember my father taking me to Guitar Center for the first time on June 28th, 2005. That day was cemented in my memory and that's when I knew I wanted to pursue a career being an artist. I grew up on rock music, and later on became influenced by hip-hop, pop and electronic music. In high school, three elementary school friends and I formed The Riot Van and throughout 2014 and 2015 we played shows throughout NYC." Source, Emily Keefe (artist, publicist)


Don’t Play Outside

Burbank, United States

Credit - Dima Otvertchenko

"I wrote this song during the pandemic. It got me to thinking about how people start to take for granted the things and opportunities around us. We don’t realize until it’s gone. Then instead of getting back to our lives, people tend to stay in a dark space expecting self pity… but Don’t Play Outside is about facing those fears and within to the truth within yourself. That loving truth that is motivating you and encouraging you to do and be better; to truly listen to that. Because that is true wisdom. We live in such a fast pace world now that we often forget it’s the little things in life that slow down time and connect us so deeply to The Creator. I’m blessed to be a vessel and a messenger of love and light." - Taya Angelique


  • Leon Flames Stalin’s Lapel

  • RAY WILLS Feel A Vibe

  • OSP 'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix)



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