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Updated: Jul 16, 2022



JAEYN - Lighthouse

Vienna, Austria

‘Lighthouse’ by Jaeyn starts off with a sea and sunset shot which I completely enjoyed and seeing as the song is called lighthouse, I enjoyed that it was filmed at a seaside location. The video then progresses to have what appears to be the artist Jaeyn sitting on a straw seating area and then performing the song to the camera. The video then showcases jaeyn dancing at the beat drop with backup dancers which I enjoyed. Overall, I really enjoyed the video due to its summer aesthetic, the vibe of the song and the dancing within the music video.



• ABISSO • - Son Of Abyss

Sardinia, Italy

ABISSO impressed Tamara this week with their latest album so I decided to write about their music video for their title track ‘son of abyss’. This music video starts with a visual of dark blue water and then shows a woman swimming in the water with serious NVC which I like as it is reminiscent of the movie ‘Jennifer’s Body’. The video then progresses to have the woman closing her eyes and it then fades into the visual of what appears to be the same visual of dark blue water which connotes that this setting is the Abyss. This one-minute and nine-second video is a definite watch.



DREAD DAZE - Feelin Fine

Los Angeles, United States

‘Feelin Fine’ by Dread Daze starts with a fade into a record player and then shows a cat sleeping and stretching which puts a smile on my face, to say the least. The video then progresses to having Dread Daze waking up from a dream and then doing push-ups on a handlebar. It then showcases Dread Daze typing on a laptop whilst miming the lyrics to the song with a smile on his face. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the video due to its summer vibe and the visuals that pair with it. If you’re a fan of catchy music to help you wind down after a bad day, then this is for you.




London, United Kingdom

‘Rapture’ by Calling All Astronauts starts off with the image of burning wood and then the image of people standing in front of what appears to be a power plant. The video then progresses to have visuals of flooding, explosives, and the image of gas masks alongside other factors which highlight climate change and global warming. As someone who is passionate about climate change and wants to progress with a more sustainable environment, I think this is an important issue that needs to be raised and resolved. In conclusion, I think this video is excellent as it shows the disasters caused by climate change and needs more recognition.




Tel Aviv, Israel

‘Apart’ by Michelle Noga has a consistent monochrome filter which is consistent throughout the music video. It also starts with the sound of a sea breeze and a fade into a palm tree which I love. The video then progresses to have what appears to be Michelle Noga singing along to the lyrics which gives this music video a performance narrative. Also, the video has matching visuals which align with the music video. Another thing that I enjoyed about this video is the little guitar riff at 1:20 as it was enjoyable to see Michelle Noga playing the guitar. Bravo to Michelle Noga.




Bienne, Switzerland

‘HOPE’ by GIANFRANCO GFN starts with a fade from black and shows a woman sitting in a moving car and then progresses to show the moving image of a cog alongside visuals of what appears to be coloured smoke. The video then showcases colourful visuals which were very appealing to the eye and made me enjoy the video. The video then showcases two different cogs this time linking in and out of each other alongside the colourful background image. In conclusion, I enjoyed the video due to its striking visuals and the summer vibes it gave me. Bravo to GIANFRANCO GFN.



MURNAU - Primroses

Moline, United States

‘Primroses’ by Murnau is an animated video that depicts what appears to be a man going about his day-to-day life but often has a fearful look on his face which can connote that he is anxious or perplexed about something. The video then progresses to have visuals of an animated priest or vicar praying to God. The video then shows the man from the beginning of the video to be dead in a room which is then accompanied by birds floating in the room. At the end of the video, it shows the same man from the beginning of the video demonstrating a cyclical nature.



JESSE GROSSI - Road Takes Me

Los Angeles, United States

‘Road Takes Me’ by Jesse Grossi starts with the picture saying ‘Road Takes Me’ in what appears to be an old-school Disney film which I love, and it is reminiscent of my childhood. The video then progresses to have what appears to be a cockerel walking in a forest whilst playing the guitar which is accompanied by the lyrics on the bottom of the screen. The video then showcases a village with animals living their day-to-day life whilst smiling upon the screen. The video ends with the same cockerel sitting in a dark room playing the guitar on his own. Love this video!




Lethbridge AB, Canada

‘THE COST’ by Fate Will Come starts with a woman crying and staring outside of a window and then progresses to show sand falling out of someone’s hand as if to say that love leads to heartbreak and emptiness. The music video often repeats these clips alongside others e.g a woman sinking into a bath and blowing away heart-shaped confetti. This can also show that love is hard to get over. What I liked about the video is that it shows love from a different perspective and how it can change over time. Bravo to Fate Will Come for making this video.



VVONDER - Philosophy

Winnipeg, Canada

The video for ‘Philosophy’ by vvonder is a Visualiser music video that gives the audience a feel of the concept which was enjoyable to witness. The video starts with the vvonder’s logo on the screen, and it changes colour and background, it then progresses to have the album cover which has many different philosophers of history which were enjoyable to see. The video then progresses to have what appears to be a distorted image of the band’s logo. Overall, this video was enjoyable to watch as it shows vvonder’s concept and what to expect for the next release.



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