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Wild Celia's 'Secret Moons': A New-Found Indie Rock Classic Fusing Genres

‘Secret Moons’ is a new-found indie rock classic. Wild Celia have pinned funk, soul, indie rock and their own blend of tonal pop together to deliver a single that beats everything else out of the gate. It’s atmospheric, they build a world around you at the start. There’s mist in the distance, a guitar plays the riff, the bass begins to grow. The world spins, the percussion picks up in the back — it’s got a swing to it, a presence. Then the vocals send you all the way home. They’re rich and hold a melody like a songbird. They layer vocals to add oomph but they never overtake. The focus is on that melody, on the drive and it works like a charm.

Wild Celia know where the mark is, they saw the line and they raised it. Erased it, even. There is a colour that you can find amongst the ‘Secret Moons’ that you will never find anywhere else. Transformative.



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