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WILD HORSE - Tangled

Wild Horse lifts indie rock pop to the forefront with their latest release ‘Tangled’. Funky basslines are all for the crowd, the slides of lead riffs enhance the funkiness of the overall track whilst the vocals remain fun, catchy and easy to comprehend. Pool Parties, BBQs, Festivals, Droptop Drives, even a one-person rave, there’s a spot for ‘Tangled’ somewhere on your playlists I guarantee it! (Not Liable).

As the Summer homes in closer and closer feel the temperature rise and get behind Wild Horse as they embark on their journey through a musical funhouse. Although the lyrics speak of the struggles associated with trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, the 1980s synth pop inspired production will take you through generations gone and ahead!

An absolutely swelter of a release from the Brighton based trio. I can’t wait to hear more! There’s a new band on the rise, make sure you don’t miss them!



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