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Wotts's 'Garden': A Kaleidoscope of Texture and Sound, Destined for Feel-Good Playlist

Wotts single, ‘garden,’ is a formidable track which finds its way into your step with a fervour like nothing else. The beat catches you off guard at first, it places itself high on the register and comes on stronger than the vocals. But this is certainly by design. You don’t ever have to go looking for the flow, you are walking it, you are breathing it, even your heart is pumping in time to the ever-groove. The song plays on, finding nooks and crannies between the beat to let forth a burst of colour and flavour. The sensation is incredible, a song with chilli pepper bite and a chocolate smoothness. It kicks in the first half and mellows from there.

The textures aren’t the only thing to be excited about on this track. Wotts delivers a complex soundscape worth exploring time and time again. It finds purchase in each chorus and pushes off to climb to greater heights. Once there, it looks at the vista below and thinks — I can do better. The mix of shoegaze with modern hip-hop flow is a clever one and what makes it great is Wotts drive for perfection. The sound is moving, evolving before you. What starts as a great single, becomes fantastic as you listen to it. Wonderfully tasty and full of heart. One for your feel-good playlist.


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