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ZENODRO - Unstoppable



Marlboro, United States

Credit - Ryan

Zenodro, Samuel Vincent and Sir Nicholas are bringing together their talent and hip-hop mindsets to create sounds that are so classy they make you swoon. Their latest single, ‘Unstoppable,’ is a deep and groovy hip-hop track that swings back to the classics, coming back up the timeline fast as lightning to deliver punches and kick drums as modern as they come. The beat is smooth, the lyrics are stylish and suave. The vocalists dip in and out, exchanging textures and flows, creating a rhythmic whirlpool of hip-hop goodness. It's purple and gold, a sound that’s rolled in diamonds. At the end of it all you are left breathless.

‘Unstoppable’ is a track that takes its name as gospel. The sounds are strong, the melody even stronger. Try to think up another tune after this one and you’ll find that rampaging bass line in your head time after time. It's infectious, proud, and a showcase of hip-hop brilliance.


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