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Alamance's 'Wanderers' Ignites Passion with High-Octane Rock with Unforgettable Melodies

Do you need some blood-pumping rock? Fire in your belly mixed with melodies you can’t help but jam along to? Well, Alamance have you covered with their single, ‘Wanderers.’ It’s got that heavy streak, the double kick, the power in the bass and the god-thwarting guitars. The vocals push the clouds even higher up as screams in the back add some grit, some texture and some insane depth to the lyrics. The chorus punches it, the speed increases and the bridge is wide and free. Throughout, Alamance prove themselves to be incredibly adept. Their playing, their style, their composition and their scale are legendary. Did I mention the chorus is a banger? No? Well, the chorus is a banger.

‘Wanderers’ blasts from the get-go but it doesn’t stick with one note. This single is varied, it is tonal, musical. A lot of heavy rock nowadays resorts to loud noises and screeching guitars. Impressive, but not so fun to listen to. Alamance finds the balance; the song is loud, impressive, melodic and memorable. A track you will want to rock out to for years to come.



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