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Cinema Sounds

Oklahoma City, United States

Blueprint Tokyo are no stranger to us! In fact, they came in at NUMBER 1 in our Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs on Friday with their song 'Say Anything' (Check it out here and don't forget to vote for your favourite!).

This time around we are here to take you through their latest three-song EP entitled 'Cinema Sounds'. So, who's ready for some super catchy indie pop-rock hooks?! Let's Go...

Based in Oklahoma City, Blueprint Tokyo consist of Kevin Dawson and Andrew Hale who have been working hard to bring their sound to the masses. Through 'Cinema Sounds' I believe that they are well on their way to manifesting that goal.

1. Say Anything

Now, I absolutely adore this track as an opening. The choppiness of the key synths works wonders on the dreamy nature of the song! The guitar elements lift the song into shoegaze meets indie rock mixture between pop and rock. The vocals mix the grittiness of hard rock tones with the weaving of softer pop-style vocals. I can hear so many bands within this song alone - from Thirty Seconds to Mars to Muse and even a hint of Coldplay in here too.

2. LaRusso

'LaRusso' goes one step further into hard rock in terms of vocals but takes a delve deeper into dream pop through the open pockets of bell synths. The way that this song has been composed is extremely unique in the sense that it not only offers a fusion of genres but also in the way that it has been done. The way that the genres blend within the song can be likened to the metaphor of a lava lamp. Envision a lava lamp in its entirety (the track) now watch as things set into motion and begin to move around the lamp (the song in motion) each part is its own, we can see the individual pieces flawlessly mingle together and transition with its own space within it. THAT is exactly how the mixing of genres works within this piece.

3. Sailor Girl

Sailor Girl closes the EP with a sound that has impressed me through the vast amount of sounds that are packed into it! This song takes a trip back in time towards a more mature classic rock sound through the use of vocal style. There's an immensely captivating chant that carries the song whilst a saxophone comes in to guide listeners into a land that hasn't been discovered before (to my knowledge).

The whole creative lens that this duo have is completely obscure and unique - I'm not talking experimental techno or offbeat creations, I'm talking about true cross-genre mixes such as classic rock with a saxophone to pop-inspired bell synths fused with heavy rock. I have never come across a band quite like Blueprint Tokyo before and I doubt I ever will again. Exceptional! 'Cinema Sounds' definitely deserves a spot in our Ones2Watch! - Tamara Jenna


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