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Mick J. Clark's Festive Charm in "It's Getting Near Christmas"

 Mick J. Clark in his element, surrounded by his instruments, exuding a warm, festive vibe.

Wait. It's... NEARLY CHRISTMAS! and what better to listen to right now than a Christmas track that is full of holiday cheer? Well here we have something special gifted to us before the big day. What is it? I hear you thinking.. well, Mick J. Clark's previously released hit"It's Getting Near Christmas".

Mick J. Clark isn’t your typical band; he's a one-man music-making machine. Skilfully juggling guitar, drums, and keyboard, Mick crafts a sound that's uniquely his. This journey started in the most organic place possible – his mother's womb, indicating a natural affinity for music.

Mick's influences are as diverse as they are timeless. Drawing inspiration from great songs across all genres, he has a knack for creating music that resonates with a wide audience, irrespective of the year or style.

Although he began with summer season gigs, Mick's current focus lies in radio interviews and promoting his impressive portfolio of 63 songs. His journey from live gigs to radio waves marks a transition reflective of his evolving musical career.

Mick’s YouTube ventures, particularly a memorable one in Leicester Square, reveal the lighter side of his musical journey. From spontaneous dances with merry strangers to interactions with children mistaking him for Santa, his experiences are as endearing as they are amusing.

Mick J. Clark in his element, surrounded by his instruments, exuding a warm, festive vibe.

Recorded in East Grinstead, Sussex, and produced by Martin Smith, this single encapsulates Mick's love for the holiday season. The song mirrors the increasing pace of Christmas, starting slow and picking up speed as the big day approaches.

What speaks Christmas like bell shakers and chimes? Well, mix that with upbeat pop rock and you've got Mick J. Clark's "It's Getting Near Christmas. A fun family classic wrapped in bows, tinsel and Christmas Magic! It has an air of much-loved classic with an 80s blues twist. I've definitely found a new track for my baking playlist this year!

A quirky, fun modern classic for all the family. Even the Grinch and Scrooge would be found tapping their feet in the corner of the room.

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