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'Saves the Witch' brings heavy metal to the shoegaze scene


She Dances With Knives

Southport, NC, United States

Credit - Eric Maynes
Saves the Witch brings heavy metal to the shoegaze scene. Heavy drums and chugging guitars line the walls of their latest release, ‘She Dances With Knives’. - FREDDIE MCKEE

It's a melodic instrumental piece that will all at once chill you out and wake you up. Blending simple guitar riffs with metal chords and stylings allows for ‘She Dances With Knives’ to grow organically as it plays. It also features a brilliant section in the later part of the track that opens the song up to wailing guitars and clashing textures, honing that sound that Saves the Witch are so damn good at.

The song starts with very interesting percussion. It sounds like the ticking of a clock. It shifts to and fro and feels organic, almost as if a grandfather clock got up and its time-ticker-heart started beating through the wood. Then the guitar rolls in, quietly at first. It's a sliding melody that picks up as it goes, layering more and more ideas over one another. When the chorus hits you’ll know, it blows the ceiling off whatever building you’re in and keeps going. The kick drum adds to the bass and really pushes the melody in a way that is so shoegaze it's perfect. Saves the Witch’s ‘She Dances With Knives’ is as interesting as it is a great tune. Well worth a listen if you want to jam out to something heavy and new.


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