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Updated: Oct 29, 2022


BORN ASTRAY - Dangerous

New Orleans, United States

Born Astray is a Rock band based in New Orleans, United States. Consisting of four members, Jesse Roger (Guitar) Ryan Henriquez (Bass), Sean Doria (Drums), and Cody Pala (Vocals). Their video release for their song entitled "Dangerous" captured my attention this week before finding its place firmly within our Top 10.

If you're up for some serious talent then this is a video that you need to see! The song itself is super catchy and full of energy and fire! The video? Ever seen a high-energy performance from a bathtub? Me neither! Super cool. You don't want to miss it!


SILJA RÓS - Lie Just To Lie

Reykjavík, Iceland

Now moving towards some serious heat we have Icelandic contemporary R&B artist Silja Rós with her latest release "Lie Just To Lie".

Taking inspiration from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Moon Child and Sabrina Claudio, Silja Rós is all about jazzy chord progressions and luscious harmonies. So, let's get into this release then.

"Just To Lie" will attract many with its sultry bassline and jazz guitar twangs. This is such an amazing song! AND the video is just as effective too. The overall theme? Darkness meets sexiness, through a red and black colour scheme that enhances the story that is told within the lyrics of this song. Mirrors, bathtubs and Chandeliers within a mansion = One Powerful Woman!


NICK NOON - Costumes

Nashville, United States

“Costumes” is the latest release from Nashville-based artist NICK NOON. In fact, it is hot off the press this morning! Are you in the mood for some Glam Rock with hefty cinematics? "Costumes" has it all, PLUS a lyric video to help you sing along. What have you got to lose?

The video boasts a grand orchestra-style sound with nostalgic progressive rock and an indie-folk sound that rest upon an extremely well-crafted visual performance! From an Eifel tower opening to Dinner Guests and Ball Dancing "Costumes" marks one spectacular release! Don't forget to vote for your favourite video in the poll below!


CARACOL - Infinity

Montreal, Canada

Infinity is a release that has been described as "a true ode to freedom" by the artists involved in its birth.

Caracol and Mike Clay (from band Clay & Friends) wrote the song along with beatmakers Quiet Mike (Fouki) and Seb Ruban (Studio de I'Est) to capture the essence of Montreal’s hot summer vibe. Looking for a song that will make you get up off your feet and dance? You just found it!

Caracol was recently nominated at the Canadian Indie Awards (Electronic Artist of the Year) something that does not come as a shock to me given her multi-instrumental, singer/songwriter skills. The video for Caracol is above, go check it out!


THE CURSE OF K.K. HAMMOND - The Ballad Of Lampshade Ed

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Now for something a little bit different. Blues marries horror in "The Ballad Of Lampshade Ed" by Buckinghamshire-based THE CURSE OF K.K. HAMMOND. Is anybody a fan of Stephen King? If so, you will love this one. My initial thought when I was presented with this video was "In The Tall Grass".

"The Ballad Of Lampshade Ed" begins with open fields as it translates a story of a young boy as his life slowly takes a turn into the darkness I love this concept! The lyrics and the visuals work in perfect harmony to bring viewers into a full cinematic experience. Haloween anybody?


ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - You're The First, The Last, My Everything

Leicester, United Kingdom

The LEGEND that is Engelbert Humperdinck takes centre stage with his cover rendition of "You're The First, The Last, My Everything". Marking the first official single in years, Humperdinck has taken a Soul Classic and made it his own. Initially a UK No.1 record for soul legend Barry White in 1974, this version offers listeners familiarity in its lyrics and uniqueness in its style and execution.

Humperdinck's release of "You're The First, The Last, My Everything" is an absolute gem! It's difficult as an artist to take the song of another artist and put your own spin on things, the pressure that comes with it can be intense and full of anxiety but here, it seems to be something that has been done with ease and skill!


MAJOR KAMI - Major Jones

Bordeaux, France

MAJOR KAMI find their way back into our Top 10 with their video for "Major Jones". Fancy a bit of nostalgia? Well, this 80s-inspired mix of electronic pop, commercial dance and synth indie rock has something up its sleeve for just about everyone!

The production uses a throbbing bass which acts as a heartbeat to the track whilst the melodic synths remain subtle but integral to the overall piece.

The visual for "Major Jones" welcomes listeners into a land of retro television and duplicated visuals. I found that these bind the delay effect on the vocals to the visuals. The overall theme of the release? Space! So, jump on aboard and join the ride!


MICHELLES - This Tune's A Circle

Chicago, IL, United States

Michelles is the project of Chicago musician Michael Daly and his band. "This Tune’s a Circle” is a track from Michelles latest album named "The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll"

Self-proclaimed perfectionist Daly performs and produces alone, and of course, like many of us, he holds a great gift as a result of this! The video for "This Tune's a Circle" brings a projection of Alternative Rock at its finest. A monochrome visual sets the scene nicely for the lyrical content. If you fancy a sing along then you are in luck as the lyrics present themselves throughout as an overlay.


ROGUE FX - Don’t Talk To Strangers

Durham, United Kingdom

Fresh out of Durham, United Kingdom ROGUE FX showcases their video for their latest release "Don’t Talk To Strangers". The group brings a whole load of 80's vibes in this electro pop, synthwave spectacular!

The song itself tells the classic 80s story that follows the life of a rich girl who disowns her wealthy roots in persuit of living an independent life whilst working a variety of jobs to survive. The title of the piece, "Dont Talk to Strangers" is her mantra to keep her safe on the streets. The video provides a true 80s synthpop backdrop that is full of psychedic vibes where a classic sound meets a classic visual with a modern twist.


ESC - Love Bullets

Kfar Saba, Israel

Concluding our video chart this week is Israel based hard rocker ESC with the video for "Love Bullets". This is Esc's 2nd release, featuring the guitar like never before in an 80's style Rock driven track. Through "Love Bullets" the story is told through its animation and is instrumental to deal with the complexity of the emotions between lovers in a limitless world.

Click the video above for a lot of speed, hefty guitar riffs and shadows! You won't want to miss it.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite in the poll below. The results will be available next week on Saturday, so as always, stay in tune. Until next time!



NUMBER 1 - NICK NOON - Costumes

NUMBER 2 - ROGUE FX - Don’t Talk To Strangers

NUMBER 3 - SILJA RÓS - Lie Just To Lie

NUMBER 4 - MAJOR KAMI - Major Jones

NUMBER 5 - ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - You're The First, The Last, My Everything

NUMBER 6 - THE CURSE OF K.K. HAMMOND - The Ballad Of Lampshade Ed

NUMBER 7 - CARACOL - Infinity

NUMBER 8 - BORN ASTRAY - Dangerous

NUMBER 9 - MICHELLES - This Tune's A Circle

NUMBER 10 - ESC - Love Bullets


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