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Videos - 27/05/2022



Bones in Butter - A Dystopian Love Song

Belgrade, Serbia

Bones in Butter came in at Number 1 in this week's music videos for one simple but effective reason - the old film effects. I loved it! and when combined with old cartoon animations I found that the whole piece fitted together perfectly with the musical part of the production. Make sure that you click the above video and give it a watch!

Milutin Krasevic - vocals, synths, samples, music and lyrics

Luna Skopelja - vocals, synths

Todor Zivkovic - guitars, FX

Dejan Skopelja - bass

Tom Fedja Franklin - drums



Daggerplay - Insomnia

Helsinki, Finland

Finnish rockers, Daggerplay´s brand new striking single, Insomnia is fierce proof that rock is not dead and rock´n´roll is here to stay. As flag bearers of rock´n´roll Daggerplay know that Johnny has been around for ages in countless of rock songs and now Johnny´s back as a restless anti-hero running around and shadow fighting while the moon is grinning in the Spring night sky. I loved the simplicity of the video and I think that the animation is really fun and cool despite the insomnia demon in the corner! Number 2 this week!

Music and lyrics by Pekko Mantzin

Arranged by Daggerplay

Produced by Daggerplay and Antti Pekkanen

Recorded by Antti Pekkanen

Mastered by Pekka Laine

Music video by Tommi Luostarinen

Cover art by Kati Brugnoli




Los Angeles, United States

'Loaded' is the lead single from a collaborative album by Blake Young and platinum producer SUPAH MARIO who produced Drake's Blue Tint' Young Thugs 'THIEF IN THE NIGHT' and many more! This video is packed with skillful camera tricks and overlays that capture the audience from start to end. There's so much going on in this video that deserves credit and so we decided that the feel of this video deserved the spot at Number 3 this week!



Erik Evy - Quarter Life Crisis

Chicago, IL, United States

Erik Evy from Chicargo, United States has sent us his latest video for his release entitled 'Quarter Life Crisis'. The song and the video address the topic of turning 25 years of age. Stating that he is "pursuing a dream, and others are writing this off as a quarter-life crisis". This is a track that has a motivational message in that you should always chase your dreams!

This is a motivational track to chase your dreams.

Produced by Lucas Quinn

Mixed by Dolapo Inc



TATE SEDAR - Find a Way

Los Angeles, United States

Premiering on Dancing Astronaut & YourEDM, SEDAR creates his path in 'Find a Way.' This is a cinematic medley of rocktronic breaks and exultant house. Containing a mix of old home video footage, cinematic nature, and DJ sets, this video has a lot to offer! I really enjoyed the mix of footage and how they worked in this production!



Hannyta - Fluctuating

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hannyta is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter based in the UK. Having spent a lot of time with her Aunt in Florida, she has developed a love of all things American. Hannyta’s new pop single “Fluctuating” was released on May 21st, followed by a dance remix on June 3rd. The original single is an intimate pop banger that tells a story about being unsure of whether or not to move forward with a love interest. This video is packed with cool concepts from glitchy televisions to green screen visuals. Definitely, one to check out.



Poly Ghost - Artificial Crush

Hanover, Germany

'Artificial Crush' is energetic synthpop with sweet synthesizer layers, funky basslines, and powerful rock guitar riffs. Curiously it uses sounds from the 80s and 90s and animates you to dance softly at the beginning, later rocking out. The male and female singers are flirting and playing with the topic of an artificial crush who requires a lot of love! Poly Ghost picks strange topics that make the listener smile and elicit. This single is the first release after the debut album "Touch me" 2020. The video is great! Make sure that you check it out! The video for the track opens with a person sitting on the floor before putting on a VR headset. We then see the fun that takes place in the artificial reality where the artist is seen with his crush. I love the concept behind the video!



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