Weekly Top 10 Videos - 08/04/2022


Dax - Dear Alcohol

Dax released his latest track 'Dear Alcohol' last month. Along with the emotive lyrics and very personal journey, Dax gave the world the above visuals to enhance the meaning and motive behind this track. Opening with Dax appearing to literally be drowning in alcohol, we see the typography of a message. "Dear Alcohol, I don't think you're as bad as what they say. Everything else in this world is temporary so why does it even matter if I drink you anyway..." giving us an insight into his existential demons. We later see Dax floating, suggesting the freedom and detachment he has felt when he's drunk. Dax let us know that he stopped drinking after he wrote this song.



PIECESZX - Treatment

Pieceszx is an independent artist based in Barcelona. He produces his own music and creates dark ambients, mixing edm, pop, techno with lyrics in english, spanish and catalan.

"Treatment" is the new music video from album "Reverbs" by Pieceszx. The video is shot in the darkness of the woods to explain a story about finding the fastest solution for a mental issue.



Lilac Thief- take care.

Lilac Thief has released their debut single titled 'take care.' The music video is set in Australia, Adelaide (shot by Adelaide photographer Angus Northeast). The visuals showcase Lilac Thief distant and alone amongst cinematic scenery, "take care." is a celebration of the ephemeral, a reminder that all good things come to an end. We loved the concept and the scenery in this video so we've gone for the Number 3 slot.



22 OCEANS - Home

British indie-pop artist '22 Oceans' from Liverpool UK presents their new single 'Home'. "The song shows us the imagery associated with the "feeling of happiness that you feel when thinking about the memories you’ve made with people you enjoy spending time with. It is a reflection of how we are always connected to those we love, no matter how much time may have passed." The simplicity of the video is integral to the message of the song, we really loved the connection between the lyrics, production, and the video.




We were informed that this track was self-produced and distributed by the label French M&O. "Summer's end" photographs the emotional condition of Mimmo Ripa (composer of the musical project. A well thought out and directed video. Definitely worth including this week. Watch their creation above and be sure to check their other work out.



JANE N' THE JUNGLE - Ocean Creatures

'Ocean Creatures'released their latest video last month. This video covers a combination of two worlds - the depths of the oceans and the heights of space, interwoven and inspired by an out-of-body experience that the artist had experienced. The video was directed by their good friends Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera and was shot at Madhouse Studios in our their hometown of Phoenix.



RED - Expensive Taste

RED, also known by Red Banzino, has dropped his music video for Expensive Taste. Directed by one of Toronto's most famed directors Samureye, the Official music video for Expensive Taste showcases RED's musical and artistic sound and image. While RED has been beginning to take the stage in Ontario, we're sure that he will grow as an artist in the years to come and show us more about his artistry.



Ramblin' Preachers - Better Than Me

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Better Than Me brings the original Blues Rock sound of the1960s into the 21st Century through their artistry. They commented that the narrative of this song is "a man who is unable to comprehend his partner’s disinterest in him. As he searches for answers, it drives him to despair. Check the above video out to see them in action.



Jozem - Youth

Toronto, Canada

This is a truly moving true story-inspired masterpiece. When asked about the inspiration behind the video we were informed of the following "When I wrote ‘Youth’ I immediately knew that I wanted to have the visuals shot in Kenya where I grew up. He told us that he was sent a film by Maceo Frost of some Kenyan children who were attending a ballet school in the middle of the slum in Kibera, minutes away from where he grew up in Nairobi.



Chaplin's Dream - Salt of the Earth

Shumen, Bulgaria

Opening with an extra from poet 'Dante Gabriel Rossetti' we were intrigued by this video from the off. Chaplin's Dream consists of members Ivaylo Todorov (vocals/guitar), Danail Petkov (guitar), Venelin Antonov (bass) as well as Svetoslav Dimitrov (drums). Definitely check the video out and maybe google Dante Rosetti if you're not famiar with his works.